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January 2019

Happy X'mas & Happy Newyear
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Independent Global Vacations:

The complexity of working out a holiday from which cities to cover, which hotels to stay in, what mode of transport to use, to which sites you must visit can be quite exhausting. With our rich experience and extensive research we have put together some of the finest holiday plans for the flexible individual holiday traveler.

Independent India Vacations:

Namaskar, welcome to Incredible India, where culture echoes, tradition speaks, beauty enthralls and diversity delights. Uniglobe brings you the timeless mystery and beauty of India with its Independent India Vacations. Discover The Best Way to Holiday in India.

Escorted tours for Non Resident Indians (NRI):

Over the years, we at Uniglobe have mastered the art of providing quality holidays that offer the best value for money. Our escorted tour packages are meticulously planned keeping in mind the needs unique to an NRI traveler. With us, you can holiday without a worry in the world.

A fine variety of delicious Indian cuisine prepared by our own chefs specially flown in from India, a multi-lingual Tour Manager, some of the finest hotels and the most must-see attractions.

Our escorted tours cover an array of destinations like USA, Europe, Spain Portugal & Morocco, Russia & Scandinavia, Far East - Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Egypt, China, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Mauritius.

Luxury Vacations:

For those who believe that their holiday must speak their style, Uniglobe's Luxury Vacations is the ultimate choice.

You are assured of a holiday experience which is engulfed in luxury, attentive service, picturesque surroundings, finest hotels and sumptuous food.

On what we can do for you - The options are endless... write to us at by clicking here